She Is DIAMOND (framed)


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for Charlotte

The name diamond is derived from Ancient Greek: adáas (adámas), 'proper, unalterable, unbreakable and untamed and perfectly describes the woman I love.
Charlotte has always been the constant, resolute and unalterable in our marriage.
She knows her value and it's intrinsic to her without artifice or insecurity.
Her certainty and the certainty she gives others is part of the reason she is precious and valued so highly by the people who know her.
She isn't a pushover and when necessary she can cut through steel.
Like the stone itself, she can abide quietly in the dark waiting for the suns light to retract the full force of her personality that leaves those around her dazzled.
In her company, imposters are exposed as insubstantial second rate imitations.
Her beauty and her integrity are authentic and honesty personified.
In our marriage I've always been the heat of the sun.
She takes my energy and magnifies it, so that it's retracted with a burning purpose.
She is Charlotte, my wife, my heart and a shining diamond for our lives together.

- Kenyon, 45, Auckland, New Zealand.

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