She Is MANA (framed)


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mana (strength)
for Jacoba

When I reflect on my wife Jacoba, who she is, what she is,
what she encompasses to my children and I,
the word strength presents itself vividly and boldly in bright neon lights within my mind.
Her Mana is shared with us all in our home, her example of a kind, benevolent, unconditionally loving mother and wife is our daily blessing.
She is not my rehab, never has and never will be.
She's too strong for that.
She is a beacon of strength, and exhibits how a woman, wife, mother, and friend should be for my sons and daughter.
She is bold, courageous, empathetic, and relentless in her being, workplace and our family.
For that I thank her.

-Alex, 40, Auckland, New Zealand.

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