She Is TŪMANAKO (framed)


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tūmanako (hope)
for Ngā Wahine Atua

What word could possibly describe IO in my life?
I'm woke every morning for kura, my lunch made, clothes ready, I see all she did for her children. With her embrace I'm grounded in aroha.
She is this word for me.
The years of wisdom and aroha show in her kind face, a being of pure light and love, she has provided many whanau with this feeling, the closing of lifes curtain approaches.
She is this word for me.
My joy, my saviour, I wake her every morning, she blesses me with smiles and unconditional love.
She is the center of our whānau, she is the essence of this feeling.
She is this word for me.
The backbone of whānau, our protector, she paves the way for her people to step into their power and enlightenment. She is the intelligence of Hena, the beauty of Papatuänuku.
She is Te Ao Marama, She is this word for all.
My word for the generations of Nga Wahine in my life is Tūmanako
Without tūmanako we are lost. We must restore tumanako to its rightful place.

- TeAwhitawa, 36, Rotorua, New Zealand.tumanako

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